Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Poised for the big test

For the second day we had a lashing thunderstorm just as we arrived at our port for the day: this time the Yacht Club at Rudesheim, which was very welcoming – and also has free WiFi, so you can expect more pix.

Our trip down from Oppenheim was uneventful, though there was plenty of traffic, especially through Mainz, where the river Main joins the Rhine, leading off to Frankfurt and the Danube canal, all the way to the Black Sea. Shortly after the junction we were brusquely overtaken by a large Serbian tanker from Belgrade. On the way through, we enjoyed this project – obviously a man who takes the concept of houseboat very literally:

There were pretty towns and villages along the river banks:

Here in Rudesheim, after lunch we walked a long way, and a long way back, to do some essential shopping for supplies. On the basis of that experience, we called a taxi to get us into town, and in particular to the museum of music machines: music boxes, pianolas, orchestrons: all sorts and many of them demonstrated.

Even mechanically played violins:

We then strolled about for a bit, before settling in the town hall square for a refreshing glass of the local Riesling. The pleasant girl at the kiosk kindly called us a taxi to get us back to the ship.

Tomorrow should be the climax of our Rhine trip: through the romantic Rhine gorge. Here is a map – though not the one I will be using for navigation purposes!

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